What Channel Is Paramount on DirecTV? – Full Guide

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Paramount+ has various entertainment content you can enjoy through your DirecTV subscription. As DirecTV offers different entertainment channels, it can be challenging for new people to find the Paramount Network on DirecTV. Due to this scenario, many new users have a similar question left unanswered: On what channel is Paramount Plus on DirecTV?

This article guides you on where you find the Paramount+ channel on DirecTV and the perks of using Paramount+ via DirecTV.

Is Paramount Available on DirecTV?

Yes, Paramount Plus is available on DirecTV. If you are a subscriber of DirecTV, you can get unlimited entertainment content on Paramount without restriction. Before buying a DirecTV service or subscription, you must ensure that DirecTV and Paramount are available in your region.

Once you access DirecTV, you can watch Paramount on channel 241. This allows users to watch their favorite content in HD resolution. Watching on channel 241 is the easiest way to access the Paramount content in available regions.

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What Channel Is Paramount on DirecTV?

DirecTV is based on a digital satellite service where you can get a straightforward experience of watching Paramount and other streaming services' entertainment content. Users can choose many subscription packages on Direct TV according to their needs and entertainment purpose. It doesn’t matter what package you choose for using DirecTV as you get access to Paramount because it is included in all packages of DirecTV.

After subscribing to DirecTV, you can easily find Paramount on channel 241. Remember, you can only watch content in HD resolution if your smart TV supports HD resolution; otherwise, you might experience low-quality or SD-quality content.

Is Paramount free with DIRECTV?

Paramount is a well-known streaming service that offers a variety of entertainment content, including originals. Paramount is 100% subscription-based to watch entertainment shows, and movie users must buy a monthly subscription.

DirecTV only allows you to access the Paramount on channel 241 but with limited content. If you don't have a subscription to Paramount, you can't get access to their original and unique content. DirecTV is only the means to watch Paramount content, but it is not for free.

You should have an active subscription if you want access to all original content available on Paramount via DirecTV. DirecTV is an easy and great way to watch the top-rated titles of Paramount.

How to get Paramount Network on DIRECTV?

DirecTV offers Paramount to its subscribers. If you are a DirecTV subscriber, you can watch Paramount on it like other regular channels. Paramount will be available for you on channel number 241. However, the Paramount app is available to download on most streaming devices like mobile and tablets.

Some smart TV devices may not have Paramount like old models of LG. So to stream Paramount, you will need to have smart TV of the latest model. Or you can connect the supported device through HDMI with your smart TV to enjoy the endless streaming experience.

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What's the Difference Between Paramount Plus and Paramount Network?

Paramount+ and Paramount Network are two different things, though ViacomCBS own both. Paramount+ is the best streaming service where users can watch on-demand content like movies, TV shows, and Paramount Originals.

On the other hand, Paramount Network is a whole different thing. It is straight forward cable/satellite service where users can watch live news, sports, and other content.

How to Watch Paramount Plus on Your Streaming Services?

Once you get the active subscription to Paramount, you can ask your TV provider to grant you access to Paramount because Paramount is a whole different streaming service, and any 3rd party or DirecTV doesn't own it. DirecTV acts as an excellent medium for watching Paramount. If your device doesn't support Paramount, you can watch it like a regular channel on 241.

Once you have access to DirecTV, you can stream the Paramount service on channel 241. Ensure you also have an active Paramount subscription to watch your desired show or movie.

Go to channel 241 to stream Paramount. Sometimes it can be hard to remember the channel number, so you can add the Paramount channel to your favorite by saving it so you can directly visit and stream the Paramount without any hurdle.

How to Download Videos from Paramount Network Offline?

You can enjoy various entertainment content on Paramount+ and Paramount Network. In Paramount+, you will get access to on-demand content; while in Paramount Network, you can access the news, live sports, reality TV shows, and other live local content.

If you wish to save or download any of your desired content from Paramount Network so you can watch it later, then Vidus Streaming Downloader is the best option. Typically there isn't any option to record your favorite shows from Paramount, so you need to use downloaders like Vidus to save for watching them later. It will allow you to download the content in HD resolution, so you watch it again whenever you want.

Vidus offers many different perks and features, which is worth it;

  • Vidus is not limited to the Paramount Network only. You can also download the video from Paramount+ and other OTT platforms
  • It allows you to download and save content in 4k and even in 8k resolution
  • Provide you unlimited downloading speed depending upon your internet service
  • You can still download and watch content without ads, even if you don't have a Paramount Plus commercial plan.

How to Use Vidus Downloader?

  • Download and install theVidus Streaming Downloader.
  • Select the Paramount+ button fromthe VIP Services
  • Now select the video you want to download.
  • Choose subtitles and audio track to begin the download, then click "Download Now."
  • Once your selected video is downloaded, it will be available to view without ads.


Is Yellowstone on Paramount Network or Paramount+?

Unfortunately, Yellowstone season is only available on the Paramount Network and Paramount Network app.

Is Paramount Plus free with Paramount Network?

Paramount+ & Paramount Network are different services. You must buy a subscription to Paramount+ if you want to watch Paramount+ originals.

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