How to Get Paramount Plus on LG TV?

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Paramount+ is known as one of the best entertainment providers in the streaming industry right now. It offers entertainment content on Paramount Plus to its users according to their tastes, like different TV shows, movies, and kids' sections.

Paramount+ is accessible on smart devices like LG TV, Apple, Amazon fire stick, etc. If you own an LG Smart TV and don't know how to access the Paramount Plus on LG Smart TV. Then stick to the guide. We will cover it for you in detailD in this article.

Is Paramount+ Available on LG TV?

Paramount Plus is a top-rated video streaming service on smart devices like LG Smart TV. You can watch thousands of movies, including old and new releases, on Paramount+.

Once you get access to the Paramount Plus/LG, you can stream Paramount+ originals as well. However, you can watch Paramount Plus content on your LG smart TV only if your LG TV is of the latest model or on the models that were manufactured after 2018.

The old LG models below 2018 will not support Paramount Plus because the Paramount+ application is only available to the latest models though you can watch it via a browser if you need to.

But it doesn’t mean you can’t watch Paramount Plus on LG smart TV. There are undoubtedly different ways you can watch Paramount+ content on older versions of LG, such as via casting

How to Watch Paramount+ on LG TV?

You must fulfill a few requirements if you wish to enjoy Paramount Plus streaming on LG smart TV without watching via the web browser

  • It would be best if you had the latest LG smart TV model.
  • The models were manufactured after 2018.
  • A high-speed internet connection
  • an upgraded version of the application.

After you have fulfilled the above requirements, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the LG TV app store and search for the Paramount+ app.
  • Download and install the app.
  • Now launch the app and enter your login details to access all the fantastic content.

Note: The activating process is discussed below

How to Sign Up for Paramount+?

You can sign up for Paramount+ on your LG TV with these simple steps:

  • You will need to start the Paramount+ application and see the "Sign-up" tab.
  • Click on it, enter your email and other details, and press "Sing-up."
  • You will get a verification mail on your registered email address.
  • Open the mail and click on the verification link. It will redirect you to the official website, and your account will now verify and ready to use.

Activate Paramount Plus on LG Smart TV

Once you have successfully created the Paramount+ account on LG smart TV, follow the steps below to activate your account.

  • Launch the application and enter your verified email address.
  • Once you get access, you will see an activation code on your Paramount Plus LG TV screen.
  • Copy the code and, through a web browser, visit the Paramount+ official website.
  • You will need to paste the code and then hit "Activate."

  • Your account on the LG TV will be activated

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How to Upgrade Your Paramount+ Plan?

If you need to upgrade your Paramount Plus LG TV plan. Then follow the below steps,

  • You will need to visit the official website of Paramount+ and sign-up.
  • Now in the top right corner, select "Account."
  • Click on it and drop down to the plans section.
  • Now you can manage your current plan or choose to upgrade your Paramount+ plan.

What If You Have Trouble Streaming Paramount+?

Although Paramount+ is the best streaming app in the streaming space that you can get, it could be better. While streaming Paramount+ on your home streaming device, you may encounter some problems.

There can be various reasons that you are facing problems in streaming. For example, your application is outdated, or your streaming device has some issues.

But now we will discuss a few significant reasons that occur the most while streaming.

  • Internet Connection: If you are having a problem streaming Paramount+ or the video keeps buffering, there is an issue with your internet connection. You should reset your internet connection and try again.
  • Paramount Server Issue: Sometimes Paramount+ servers go down for maintenance without letting you know, so you can check the stats of the server by visiting Downdetector.

How to Download Paramount+ Videos Offline?

On Paramount+, you can watch much entertaining content according to your taste. If you love to watch movies or original content of Paramount+, you will have full access to it. Furthermore, Paramount also offers kids' content and TV shows.

But suppose you wish to download your favorite content like movies, TV shows, or animated entertaining stuff so your kids can enjoy their weekend. In that case, Vidus Streaming Downloader will help you to download and save your favorite content on your laptop or PC. You can even watch and download entertainment content on Xfinity or Roku devices.

Vidus offers many different perks and features, which are worth every penny;

  • Vidus is not limited to Paramount+ only. You can also download videos from other OTT platforms.
  • It allows you to download and save content in 4k and even in 8k resolution.
  • Provide you unlimited downloading speed depending upon your internet service.
  • You can download and watch content without ads, even if you don't have a Paramount+ commercial plan.

How to Use Vidus Downloader?

  • Download and install the Vidus Streaming Downloader.
  • Select the Paramount+ button from the VIP Services.
  • Now select the video you want to download.
  • Choose subtitles and audio track to begin the download, then click "Download Now."
  • Once your selected video is downloaded, it will be available to view without ads.


Why Can't You Find Paramount Plus on LG Smart TV?

If you are using the old models of LG TV that were manufactured before 2018, you will not find Paramount+ on it because they added the Paramount+ application to the latest model on LG TV.

Why Does Paramount+ Keep Buffering on LG TV?

If you are facing the buffering problem, there can be two main reasons: your internet is slow to load the video, or the server of Paramount+ is down.

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