How to Fix HBO Max "Can't Play Title"? (2022 Updated)

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HBO Max is a leading name in entertainment and aims to provide the best content. However, its users have reported encountering errors. HBO Max can’t play title is one of them. Facing the issue of can’t play title HBO Max MacBook? Fix it immediately to keep streaming your favourite shows.

HBO Max can’t play title Xbox issue, and HBO Max can’t play title on TV can irritate you during streaming. However, you can get rid of it, following simple and easy steps. Let’s get to know what causes it and how you can fix this error!

Why HBO Max “Can’t Play Title”?

HBO Max comes among some of the popular streaming services. It provides unlimited content and you may wish to watch HBO Max without interruption but only minor errors are enough to cause disturbance. HBO Max can’t play title is one such error.

If you want to keep watching HBO Max peacefully, this error needs your attention. It may seem irritating at first, but the trick lies in knowing its causes. When you know the reason behind your HBO Max showing "HBO Max can’t play title" on your screen, you can easily eliminate it.

1. Internet Issues:

HBO Max requires strong internet to keep loading your shows. If your connection does not fulfil the requirements, you may end up with an HBO Max app can’t play title.

2. Server Problems:

The reason HBO Max can’t play title also includes server issues. HBO Max has much traffic on the app as well as on the web. It can be one reason for such an error. A downtime or a weak server can ultimately lead to HBO Max can’t play title message popping on your screen.

3. Device not Supported:

An unsupported device cannot play HBO Max, no matter how hard you try. Seeing HBO Max can’t play title on TV screen? It can be because HBO Max does not support your TV.

4. Corrupted Cache:

A full or corrupted cache is the major cause for HBO Max showings errors, including HBO Max can’t play title on TV. A full browser cache makes you unable to stream HBO Max through it.

Stuck with HBO Max app can’t play title? The corrupted app cache can be the culprit here.

5. Faults in Your HBO App:

An outdated version of the HBO Max app, a fault in app installation, or an internal bug in your app may be the reasons associated with HBO Max can’t play title error appearing on your app.

How to Fix HBO Max “Can’t Play Title”?

Finding solutions to all the individual causes is the key to eliminating the HBO Max can’t play title error. Some general steps are mentioned here to make this effort less hectic for you. Try each solution to get your HBO Max back on track.

1. Check, is HBO Max Server Down?

Try playing a different show to confirm if the problem lies in a particular show or the whole of the HBO Max content. You can confirm the server issues by typing "is HBO down?" on your search engine. You will easily get the data for HBO Max not working from several third party sites including Downdetector. If the issue is with the server, all you can do is wait until it resolves itself.

2. Ensure a Stable Internet Connection:

Streaming HBO Max on smart TVs requires fast internet. If you keep facing the issue of can't play title, the probable cause is your unstable internet connection. Perform a speed test or try playing another service to check your internet speed. If you face issues loading everything, your internet needs to be upgraded.

Now you know where the issue is if your HBO Max is not working on Roku and other smart TVs.

3. Log out of HBO Max and Log Back In:

You can resolve minor unknown bugs by logging out of your HBO Max account and logging back again. It helps by clearing some of the app's data that plays a role in causing some glitches.

By this trick, you can also resolve HBO Max can’t play title Xbox issues.

4. Clear Your Browser’s Cache:

Using HBO Max on a browser causes repeated issues due to a corrupted cache. The steps for its correction involve clearing your browser of all the full cache to improve HBO Max’s functioning.

  • For Chrome, click on the option of three-dots in the top-right corner and select the option "History".

  • Now select the option of “Clear browsing data”. From there, fill the boxes for “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files” and click “Clear data”.

5. Uninstall and Reinstall the HBO Max App:

Sometimes a glitch in HBO Max app causes can’t play title. Uninstalling the HBO Max app and installing it again is the potential fix for such users.

This step helps to clear the unknown bugs of the app. Can’t play title HBO Max MacBook error on HBO Max app can also be fixed with this solution.

How to Download HBO Max Videos for Offline Watching?

Fixing all the errors on HBO Max doesn’t mean you HBO Max won’t cause trouble again. The ultimate escape to enjoy streaming without errors is downloading and watching HBO Max offline with Vidus HBO Downloader.

What is Vidus HBO Downloader and How to Use It?

Vidus HBO Downloader is your pal for the best quality, error-free, and ad-free video downloading. It provides affordable plans to download your favourite HBO shows by batch downloading.

  1. Get a Vidus Downloader for your device and choose HBO Max streaming service.

  1. Click on the video you want to download and choose the language option for audio and subtitles, then click on “Download Now”.

  1. You can check for the progress of downloading videos in the Downloading menu.


1. On What Devices is HBO Max Available?

HBO Max is available on all popular devices, including smart TVs, phones, tablets, and even consoles.

2. How Many People Can Watch HBO Max at the Same Time?

One account allows access to 5 profiles. You can use all five profiles simultaneously.

3. How Much Does HBO Max Cost Per Month?

You can access your favourite HBO shows at only $14.99/month.

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