Does Pluto TV Have Advertisements?

Finn 2022-12-04

Pluto TV is well known for its excellent streaming services worldwide, and many users asks “does Pluto TV have commercials”. Yes! Pluto TV is maintained by ViacomCBS and has a vast community of active users who love to watch their favorite shows on Pluto TV. Currently, Pluto TV has more than 20 Million active users.

In this article, we will answer to the question of “does Pluto TV have/ads commercials” and how you can skip or block the ads on Pluto TV while watching your favorite shows.

Does Pluto TV Have Commercials?

Does Pluto TV have/ads commercials? Of course! Pluto TV offers more than 250 entertainment channels to its users, but the question arises does Pluto TV have commercials? Pluto TV is one of the best ways to watch on-demand content, live streaming, free movies, and other TV shows.

Pluto TV has to maintain its services. Although you get free entertainment, it generates revenue with sponsors and other promotional advertisements. In our opinion watching a 10-15 seconds ad while watching your favorite movie or show is excellent in 2 ways,

  • 1st it is a good way to save a few bucks. All you need is to watch a few seconds of promotional advertisement.
  • 2nd you can get a break of nearly half a minute so you can stretch your back and look at your smartphone. After that, you resume back.

There is no need to spend money buying a subscription to watch content on Pluto TV. All you need to do is see a few advertisements. You are good to go; however, if you want to enjoy your favorite movie and shows without experiencing ads, you can also go for their paid subscription.

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Can You Skip Pluto TV Ads?

Does Pluto TV have commercials? Yes! Because Pluto TV generates an income stream from the ads watched by the users. It is normal if you are forced to watch ads twice or thrice while watching your favorite shows and movie.

The regular frequency of watching ads on Pluto TV is almost 15 seconds, and every ad pops up after 10-15 minutes. Getting a premium subscription is possible to get rid of these ads.

However, you can skip an ad that pops up while watching your favorite content. Usually, the ad runs for 15 seconds, but in a few ads, you get the skip option after the 5 seconds of the ad. You can skip most ads after watching them for 5 seconds.

There are also several other ways to block the ads or block them from popping up. You can use third-party apps to block the ads and disable the cookies.

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How to Stream Pluto TV Without Ads?

If you watch movies and TV shows on Pluto TV, you will experience the ads. Try any of the given methods to stream without ads.

1. Skip the Ads ASAP

While watching or streaming on Pluto TV, you will experience different ads of different time duration. Some ads will pop up while streaming and remain for 15 seconds; some ads will be of short duration, like 10 seconds.

If Pluto TV ads don't bother you, it is a great way to stretch your body for fewer seconds and change your mind. However, in some ads, you will get a skip option after 5 seconds. You can skip the ad after 5 seconds.

2. Use Ad Blocking Browser

You can use the Brave browser to block the ads. Brave browser, by default, can block the ads from any website, and you can manually block the ads by tapping and holding on. You can block Pluto TV ads by streaming them through the brave browser.

Although a good browser can block stinking and pop-up ads while streaming on Pluto TV but keep in mind some ads are displayed on the website on corners or in pip mode.

You can’t block these ads automatically with an ad blocker. To get rid of such ads, you can tap on the cross on these ads or tap & hold until you see the "Block ad" option. You can manually block such ads.

3. Enable Extension

SponsorBlock is the best extension for blocking the ads that redirect users to YouTube. You can use this extension to block such offensive ads. In case you still have a question, does Pluto TV have commercials? Then you should try streaming on the brave browser.

Why are there so many commercials on Pluto TV?

To maintain the service and continue providing entertainment to their users. Pluto TV makes money either from promotional ads or when the user by a premium subscription. Unlike other streaming services, Pluto TV doesn't cost you much if you want to buy a premium subscription.

Furthermore, there is no other reason to show users promotional ads. Still, if you have doubt, does Pluto TV have commercials? You can go through the guide to clear your questions.

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1. Many users have this question: does Pluto TV have commercials?

The short answer is Yes! Pluto TV does have commercials/ads.

2. Can you bypass the Pluto TV ads for free?

You cannot bypass the ads, but you can block a few ads using a good browser.

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