How to Activate Funimation on All Devices? (Update 2022)

Finn 2022-10-17

Funimation is your buddy if you are a die-hard fan of anime shows. However, before getting access to unlimited anime content, Funimation/activate is the step you need to get done.

Visiting the "Funimation com activate” website is the prime requisite to run Funimation on your screens. It helps you to activate your Funimation account on your TVs or consoles.

An activation code is enough to let you enjoy Funimation on every screen you wish. This article aims at helping in Funimation/activate procedure to make it further easy for you.

How to Get Funimation/Activate Code?

You can activate Funimation on your TV using Funimation activate code TV provided by Funimation. Looking for procedure of Funimation/activate Xbox or Funimation/activate PS4, an activation code is required for all devices.

Funimation activate TV code is the code you get on your TV or another device on installing the Funimation app and launching it. To move forward with this process, you need to get a stable Wi-Fi connection for your device and download the Funimation app.

  • Open the Funimation channel from whatever device you are trying to stream it. Add it to the list of your channels.
  • Now open it. You will see an activation code popping up on your screen. This code is specific to the device you use at that particular instant.
  • Remember this code and navigate to the "Funimation com activate” webpage. There you will see a designated box for entering Funimation/activate code.
  • Fill this box with the code you copied from your device and sign in to the Funimation account.
  • Your device is set to run Funimation after being activated by this process.

How to activate Crunchyroll is also worth learning for fans who love having multiple entertainment options.

How to Activate Funimation on Roku?

Roku TV is the most user-friendly service that allows streaming of many top channels, including Funimation. The prime steps for streaming involve Funimation activate TV code usage to pair your Roku with Funimation.

  • The process of Funimation/activate on Roku begins with turning on your Roku device and moving to its homepage.
  • Now move to the Channel store on Roku and search for Funimation. Select "Add channel" after locating the Funimation channel. It will be added to your channel list.

  • Now open the Funimation channel on your Roku device. You will see a code appearing on the screen. It is the activation code for your Roku device.
  • Now take your phone or browser and type Funimation/activate. Sign in to your Funimation account first.
  • Next, it will take you to a page asking you to put in the activation code that appeared earlier on your Roku device. Now you can move back to Funimation on Roku and log in with the same account.

How to Activate Funimation on Amazon Fire TV?

Funimation com activate website works similarly for Amazon Fire TV activation of Funimation as it works for Roku. The activation process requires access Funimation activate code, and after completing the procedure, you are all set to enjoy Funimation on Amazon Fire TV.

  • Firstly, turn on your TV and move to the app store. Search for the Funimation channel, and once located, download and install it.

  • When you open Funimation app on your Fire TV, an activation code will pop up on your screen. Note it down.
  • Now take another device and open the browser. Type in Funimation/activate in the search engine. You will see the Funimation channel's homepage with a box for an activation code.
  • Put the same activation code that appeared on your Fire TV. Select the option of Continue.
  • Once done, the Funimation channel is all set to work on your Amazon Fire TV. You can move back to your Fire TV and log in to your Funimation account to enjoy your favourite anime.

How to Activate Funimation on Apple TV?

The crucial steps for Funimation/activate are highlighted here.

  • Launch your Apple TV and navigate to the App Store. Look for the Funimation channel and waste no time downloading and installing it on your Apple TV.
  • Next, you must open the Funimation app by entering the required details. If you already have an account, simply logging in will do the job. Otherwise, choose the option of signing up.
  • You will see a code appearing on your screen. It is the activation code for your Apple TV. Note it down.
  • Now open the browser on another device and type Funimation/activate in the search engine. This step will direct you to a page asking for the same code that appeared on your Apple TV. Type it and click on “activate”.

  • Your Apple TV is all set to run your Funimation channel after you complete the guidelines for Funimation channel Game Pass Application using your mobile number.

How to Activate Funimation on Samsung TV?

Playing Funimation on Samsung Smart TV is a piece of cake. The activation process is necessary for Samsung TVs. The few steps that take you to unlimited anime streaming are as follows:

  • Visit Funimation com activate to set up a Funimation account if you do not have one already. Now launch your Samsung TV and move to the home page.
  • Go to the App store and search for the Funimation channel. Select the option of adding it to your home.
  • Follow the process of installing the Funimation app on your TV.
  • Once done, log in to your Funimation account using all credentials.
  • You are all set to enjoy Funimation streaming on your Samsung TV.

How to Activate Funimation on Xbox?

Funimation/activate Xbox is the key to making your Xbox compatible with your Funimation account. The steps are easy and require only a few minutes to make Funimation work perfectly on Xbox.

  • The first step is always launching your Xbox device and moving to its app store.

  • Search for the Funimation channel from the app store and download the app.
  • Now open the Xbox menu bar and look for the option of “Activate Channel”.
  • Moving down on the drop-down menu, select your preferred TV provider. An activation code will appear on the screen.
  • Now visit Funimation/activate Xbox from your mobile or any other device and enter the same activation code on the next page. This step will make your Xbox eligible to play Funimation anime without interruption.

How to Activate Funimation on PS4/5?

Funimation is fully compatible to consoles, even PS4 and PS5. However, to bring it to proper functioning, Funimation/active PS4 is the step of prime importance. Follow the steps below to launch the Funimation channel on PS4 and PS5.

  • First of all, power on your TV and PS4/5 console.
  • When your TV connects to your PS, navigate to the Media Tab of your console's home page. Search for the Funimation app and download and install it on your device.

  • Now move back to the main screen after installation is complete. Launch the Funimation app and follow all the required steps for a sign-in.
  • Soon after the sign-in, the TV screen connected to your console will show an activation code for Funimation. Remember this code.
  • Now open a browser on another device and search for Funimation/activate PS4/PS5. The next page that appears will ask you to put in the same activation code. Fill it in and click on “activate”.

These few steps are all you need to do to get a functional Funimation on your PS console.

Can I Download Funimation Videos for Offline Watching?

Watching offline anime is an option everyone would love to avail themselves of. Nothing charms the fans more than having the privilege to watch all their favourite shows offline. Vidus Streaming Downloader is the perfect buddy for such fans.

Other streaming services can also provide an explicit offline experience. For Disney plus fans, learn how to use the Disney Plus login 8-digit code before availing of the option for offline download.

What is Vidus Streaming Downloader and How to Use it?

Vidus Streaming Downloader is all you need to gain access to high-quality video downloading. You can download videos from more than 200+ sites, including Funimation. It also comes with an option of batch download and multiple subtitles. Learn how to use it, and take your streaming experience to the next level.

  • Download and install the Vidus Streaming Downloader on your device and launch it.
  • Select “Funimation” from the VIP Service and click on the video you want to download.

  • Click on "Download". You can track the progress of downloading videos in the “Downloading” menu.


How Many Users Can Use Funimation Simultaneously?

The cheaper Premium Plan allows streaming on only two devices, whereas the Premium Plus and Premium Plus Ultra allow you to do so on five devices simultaneously.

How Much Funimation Costs?

The cheapest plan is $5.99 monthly, allowing two device streaming and an ad-free library.

Can I Download Episodes on Funimation?

Funimation allows you to download episodes of your favourite shows. However, the limit for downloading is 13 episodes at one time.

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