How to Watch and Download Crunchyroll Videos Easily?

Finn 2022-10-17

Many people use Crunchyroll because it's a free service that provides access to many different anime and Asian drama series. Several advertisements interrupt the flow of the free version, making it feel like you're watching a video from a variety of different television channels all at once. Users who value uninterrupted viewing should sign up for the paid service.

However, there are free options available that remove commercial breaks entirely. To watch videos from Crunchyroll at a more convenient time, you can save them to your computer. Fortunately, if you have a few essential tools, you can download videos from Crunchyroll quickly and easily.

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In this article, you will learn how to access Crunchyroll and how to download videos from Crunchyroll to watch offline.

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Is There a Free Trial to WatchCrunchyroll?

Definitely, the answer is yes. Crunchyroll is a great place to dive into the world of anime and manga for those who are new to the genre. You can watch episodes of Naruto and other Japanese shows during your free trial of Crunchyroll.

How to Create YourCrunchyroll Account?

A large number of manga and anime are available on Crunchyroll. You can find both classic and modern anime, as well as other media, on this site. You'll need to sign up for Crunchyroll and activate your account at in order to watch these great shows. Just follow these three easy steps, and you'll be all set up with your very own Crunchyroll account in no time.

Following are the steps that must be taken:

  1. Open your web browser and navigate to the Crunchyroll signup page by typing that phrase into the search bar.
  2. Fill in your personal information like email address, username, birthday, and gender.
  3. After filling out the form completely, you'll be prompted to choose a subscription plan. If you want to test the features of the platform without spending any money, you can sign up for a free 14-day trial.

How to Download Videos on Crunchyroll App?

The official Crunchyroll app now allows for the downloading of content. However, you'll need the following three things in order to use Crunchyroll's downloading feature. What you need to watch Crunchyroll videos offline are as follows:

  • A current membership in either the Mega Fan or Ultimate Fan clubs.
  • Get online or use your mobile data
  • A new version of the Crunchyroll app is available.

Steps you need to take to download videos from Crunchyrollapp:

  • To sync episodes to your device, click on the “↓” button.
  • To view all Anime series you've synced, go to "My Lists" and select "Offline."
  • To view synced episodes, choose a series.

Unfortunately, not all movies can be viewed without an internet connection. Unplayed offline episodes will disappear after 7 days, and played episodes will disappear after 48 hours. All you have to do is launch the Crunchyroll app while online and the clocks will be reset automatically. As soon as the account is re-enabled, the subscription will be renewed automatically.

How to Download Crunchyroll Videos on PC without Limitation?

Vidus Streaming Downloader provides a fantastic opportunity to obtain any and all videos from Crunchyroll. This external video downloader is risk-free, efficient, and cheap, and it will let you give your users unrestricted access to your Crunchyroll shows.

Given that there is a no-strings-attached version of Vidus available, you can use Crunchyroll Free Trial to save all of your favorite videos from the site to your computer. You can take advantage of this fantastic chance by following these directions:

Easy Stepsto Download Videos From Crunchyroll:

  • Install the Vidus Streaming Downloader. Select Crunchyroll from the VIP Services menu.
  • To watch the video, sign in to your Crunchyroll free trial account.
  • Select the language option for audio and subtitles by clicking the video.
  • To begin downloading, click the "Download Now" button, and your video will be ready to watch.

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