Screen Mirroring iPhone to TV: How can I do?

Finn 2022-08-17

Over the past few years, Apple TV has tremendously evolved in its performance. It was not that efficient when it was newly launched and was super expensive. Hence, it went through a major failure and didn't make up for a long time. But the apple team worked on it to make its features feasible over time. It now offers a vast content of family-oriented series and movies.

Most Apple TV users want its content to be displayed on the bigger screens, which are their smart TVs. Moreover, some users may like to stream YouTube videos through their iPhone on their TV screens without compromising the video quality.

Our article will thoroughly guide you about screen mirroring iPhone to TV and other devices.

How to screen mirror iPhone to different devices?

Follow these instructions to get your iPhone screen mirrored to other devices. You will find all the devices below.

Steps of Screen mirroring iPhone to Mac:

Screen mirroring allows users to effortlessly mirror their phone screens on another device, such as a TV or Mac.

Apple has a built-in feature, 'Airplay,' for its users to watch content straight away from the iPhone device to the nearby Mac. But before using that feature, you need to set up Mac to allow streaming from the iPhone.

How to set up Mac:

  1. Choose the Apple menu from the Mac, click on 'system preferences,' now that a series of options have been enlisted, click on 'sharing,' then right away click on the 'airplay receiver' option.
  2. If the airplay receiver isn’t on, click on it to check the box.

(If you want to allow only one user to display content on the Mac, you need to select the 'current user' option. So that it will only allow the same Apple ID that's currently being used on Mac, but if you want to allow others as well, click on 'anyone on the same network' or 'everyone.')

Steps of Screen Mirroring iPhone to Apple TV:

To connect your iPhone to Apple TV, follow the given instructions:

1. Connect your iPhone and Apple TV to the same wi-fi network.

2. Open Control Center on your iPhone. Select Screen Mirroring.

3. Select your Apple TV from the given available devices

4. Enter the Airplay passcode that appears on your TV screen

Once you have entered the passcode, your phone’s screen will appear on your Apple TV.

Steps of Screen Mirroring iPhone to Samsung TV:

For screen mirroring iPhone to Samsung TV, you first need to activate the capability on the device:

1. You need to go to settings. Select General on your television.

2. Check if both the devices are connected to the same wi-fi connection.

3. From the drop-down, select Apple AirPlay Settings.

4. Select AirPlay and toggle it to the "on" position.

Steps of Screen Mirroring iPhone to Chromecast:

Chromecast is one of all solutions to displaying iPhone app video content.

If you want to cast/mirror your iPhone Apple TV content on Chromecast, follow these steps:

  1. Connect your iPhone to the Tv with an HDMI adapter.
  2. Plug your Chromecast with the TV and connect it with a strong wi-fi network.
  3. Open the Apple TV app on your iPhone and play a series or a video to watch.
  4. Tap on the cast icon around the corner of the iPhone Apple TV screen.
  5. Now, select Chromecast. The series or episode you played would instantly now begin to cast on your Chromecast.

You can also cast your Apple TV to Chromecast using Chromecast Apple TV.

Steps of Screen Mirroring iPhone to Roku:

Follow these steps to connect your iPhone to Roku successfully:

1. Open Control Center on your iPhone.

2. Go to Screen Mirroring.

3. Select whichever Roku device you want to connect.

4. After selecting, a code will appear on your TV screen. Enter that code on your iPhone.

5. Tap "OK" to mirror your iPhone to your Roku device.

Start mirroring using Vidus Streaming Downloader:

Vidus Streaming Downloader is an easy-to-use extension for downloading streaming videos from various networks. It supports multiple streaming services such as YouTube, HBO, HULU, Disney, and Netflix. You may watch your favorite shows and series without being interrupted by a poor network connection.

Amazing Features of Vidus Streaming Downloder

All you need to do is add Vidus Streaming Downloader to your computer. Download various streaming videos from different networks and transfer them to your devices to watch them offline. Some of its features include YouTube playlist downloads and high-speed downloads. You may as well download a whole batch of videos, several episodes of a series, all at once. And that too, at the fastest speed. It downloads the videos in a higher resolution, so the users always experience a better video quality on other devices like TV or Mac. It can download videos of resolution up to 8k. It also includes excellent audio quality along with the video.

The most astonishing thing is to experience all of it without any payment plans because this extension is completely free of cost and is free from any advertisement.

It is specifically designed for Apple users to stream any video content on different devices (such as Mac, Apple TV, and Samsung TV) from their iPhone, entirely offline. It helps in downloading and transferring the videos to stream on Mac or the TV screen, so the users may as well watch their desired content anytime without having any internet connection.


Q. How can I mirror my iPhone to my TV?

Open Control Center on your iPhone, and choose your Apple TV. If a passcode appears on your TV screen. Enter that on your iPhone and start your mirror time.

Q. Why is my TV not showing up on screen mirroring?

One of the reasons behind this is that your device is not turned on, or the connections are different on your iPhone and TV.

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