Is Discovery Plus Down? - How to Fix it?

Finn 2022-12-27

If you are a fan of entertainment, you must be aware of Discovery Plus as it is one of the leading streaming services which offers content from different networks like Animal Planet, HGTV, and others. Recently, Discovery Plus has faced a few issues which left the users wondering is Discovery Plus down right now?

If you are also in the same boat, read this article till the end as we explain all you need to know about Discovery Plus down. It will surely help you answer the question, why is Discovery Plus down?

Is Discovery Plus Down?

Discovery Plus is a top-notch streaming service and has millions of subscribers all over the globe. Since it has so many concurrent viewers, it can often encounter issues in its server resulting in it not working properly. This instability causes people to ask, is Discovery Plus down today?

Sometimes, this issue occurs when the servers or the system is under maintenance. If that’s the case, the issue only persists for a few minutes after which it is resolved.

Before asking the question of why is Discovery Plus down, you might want to check some other factors as most of the time the problem is with the users' device.

Give this article a quick read if you want to know how to watch Discovery Plus on Hulu.

Why Is Discovery Plus Not Working?

There can be several issues leading to Discovery Plus down issue. Usually, the two most common issues are internet problems or software malfunctions.

Internet problems can be caused due to a discrepancy in your home network, your ISP, or even the Discovery Plus servers. Software malfunctions occur when you have pending updates or have a corrupt installation of your OS.

How to Fix Discovery Plus When It Is Down?

Now that you are aware of why Discovery Plus is not working, you must also know how to get rid of this problem. Try out the following fixes to eliminate the query is Discovery Plus down right now?

1. Check Your Internet Connection

The first and foremost factor to consider while troubleshooting any kind of internet-related query is to check your internet connection. You can ensure that your network is working fine by opening other apps like Facebook or Instagram.

If it’s not, you can fix it by restarting your router and checking your ports to verify if they are properly plugged in.

2. Restart Your Device

Oftentimes, if the Operating system is left running for too long without rebooting, it can develop errors in different sectors. To get rid of Discovery Plus down error, just restart your device. In most cases, this resolve the issue.

3. Check If Discovery Plus Is Down

If your website or app is stopping and not working properly, then the Discovery Plus service might be down. Even though the app or website won't tell you if it’s down or not, you can easily check it via third-party websites like IsItdownRightNow and Downdetector.

Just type; is Discovery Plus down on a browser and browse through websites that can tell you their status in real-time.

4. Update Your App or Browser

If you are using Discovery Plus on your phone or a PC, you need to ensure that it is fully updated. Even if Discovery Plus is working properly, a faulty Operating system or device can result in malfunctions.

In order to update your browser, you can go into the settings and check if there are any updates. If you have a mobile phone, then go to your respective app store and search for Discovery Plus to check if there are any updates.

5. Clear App Cache

If an app is kept running for a long period of time, it might end up stammering and lagging as too much data and cache piles up. However, to run your app smoothly, clear your app cache by going into the app settings and clicking on clear cache.

6. Reinstall the App

If clearing the app cache doesn't help, you can try reinstalling the Discovery Plus app. Firstly, long press on the icon and click on uninstall. Then go to your respective app store and search for the Discovery Plus app and install it. You can also try restarting your device before proceeding with the installation as it will give you a clean slate to start on.

Can I Download Discovery Plus Videos for Offline Watching?

Yes, you can download content from Discovery Plus and view it offline if you are an active member with an ad-free subscription. You also need to have the latest version of the app. All you need to do is tap on the download button next to the video.

Alternative Way to Download Discovery Plus Videos

Are you looking for a downloader to not only download content from Discovery Plus but from other renowned platforms, too? Download Vidus Streaming Downloader as it allows users to download and view their favorite content offline. Here are a few benefits of using Vidus.

Vidus Streaming Downloader
TOP Streaming Downloader for popular OTT Service...
  • Top-quality Audio and Video
  • High-speed download with batch download feature
  • Removal of annoying ads after downloading content
  • Selection of different audio and video formats
  • Enables choosing dubbing and subtitles
  • Allows transferring downloaded files to other devices

Follow these steps to download a video from Vidus Streaming Downloader.

  1. Download the app and proceed to launch it.
  2. Click on the VIP Services and choose Discovery Plus.
  3. Search for your video and select the audio and video settings according to your needs.
  4. Click on the download button and wait for a few minutes to enjoy watching the content.


How do I Download Discovery Plus?

Go to your respective App Store, search for Discovery Plus and click on download.

Can I Cancel Discovery Plus Anytime?

Yes, you can cancel Discovery Plus anytime, but you won't get refunded for the remaining days.

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