Hulu vs. Sling? Which is the Better Choice for You?

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Cutting the cable cord is an easy part of shifting. All you need to do is call the cable operator and tell them to cut the connection. The hard part is to find a way to watch favorite shows. Fortunately, there are lots of excellent streaming services, including Hulu and Sling TV, to solve your problem.

However, to find the best, you need to weigh Hulu vs. Sling TV, and then you will come up with a suitable option. Both streaming services have their benefits and unique features that make them rank one above the other. This article will enlighten you with everything you need to know about Hulu and sling TV, including their similarities and differences. Let's go through it.

Introduction to Hulu vs. Sling

Hulu live TV and Sling TV both are well-known as well terrific internet streaming services. Both are the best option for people looking to cut the cord without giving up their favorite shows and movies. Hulu live brings you all the TV shows and movies in one place, including the original Hulu content you love and have ever come across. It includes plan springs, the handmaid's tale, and pen15. Moreover, you can also access the local channels.

On the other hand, Sling TV allows you to watch a bunch of networks you love at affordable prices and exceptional offers. However, it gives access to a few local shows. Both streaming services feature the DVR with storage of around 50 hours.

In Hulu vs. sling TV, both support a large number of channels and the budget fluctuates according to the services and features you avail.

Comparison between Hulu and sling TV

Both streaming services offer compelling features and advantages to the user, which confuses the people to select one. Therefore, comparing both services will help you end up with the best one.

1. Hulu vs. Sling TV: Which one offers a Better price?

Hulu live TV basic package costs $69.99 per month. The package offers access to both live TV channels as well as an on-demand Hulu library of cable shows. Moreover, it contains original Hulu shows and movies. However, you will have to bear ads on streaming on-demand content with this package. Fortunately, you can upgrade the packages for $70.99 per month to enjoy interruption-free content.

Sling TV offers blue and orange plans for $30 per month. You can also avail of combined packages for $45 per month. It is visible that sling TV packages cost significantly less. Moreover, it offers many streaming hardware, including Air TV mini, Air TV 2and many others, at discounted prices if you prepay for a few months.

2. Sling vs. Hulu: Which Service has High Compatibility?

Apart from watching Hulu live TV through the web browser, you can also download the application on mobile, including iOS and Android. Moreover, it is also compatible with media streaming devices which include, Chromecast, Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV and Roku. You can also enjoy Hulu on game consoles like PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

Sling TV also gives intense competition in terms of compatibility. However, it is not supported by PlayStation, but it offers an app for the quest and Oculus Go. Conversely, Hulu failed to support VR headsets.

3. Hulu vs. Sling: Features

Sling TV and Hulu live provide significantly different approaches to the streaming models. The Sling TV's basic package starts from 30 and 45 channels with only a single user profile but has relatively low rates. Conversely, Hulu live TV offers more than 65 channels and gives up to six user profiles. Therefore, it has significantly high charges. It offers the benefit of an extensive on-demand library.

Both streaming services come with only 50 hours of storage space in the DVRs. But, by upgrading, you can increase the storage as well as the number of streams.

4. Sling vs. Hulu: Which service offers a Better Channel Line-up?

Currently, Hulu live TV provides around 75 channels, whereas the Sling TV channel line-up is limited to 51 channels.

  • Networks: in weighing Hulu live vs. sling, Hulu covers all major broadcast networks as well as local CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, and Telemundo channels. On the other hand, Sling TV does not offer an extensive list of local channels.
  • News: Hulu live offers all major news channels, including ABC live news, Cheddar, CNBC, CNN International, CNN, and many more. Conversely, Sling TV lacks CNBC, CNN International, ABC, news live, and FOX business, which is a considerable omission.
  • Kids and family: Hulu and sling TV provides many similar stations such as cartoon network, Disney channel, and discovery, national geographic, freeform. Moreover, Hulu also features animal planet, Disney XD, Disney junior, Smithsonian channels, etc.

5. Hulu vs. Sling: Which Service has a better On-Demand Content Library

Both Hulu live TV and Sling TV provide a substantial on-demand content library. If you like to watch any specific show or channel, you need to choose the streaming service featuring that channel. However, Hulu TV offers an impressive advantage over sling TV in that a subscription includes access to its immense library containing movies, original Hulu production, and TV shows.

On-demand Hulu library also includes animation like Bob's burger, comedies like Brooklyn Nine-nine, parks and recreation, dramas including the good wife, the X-files, etc. moreover, FX shows on Hulu get a significant space.

By the way, if you are interested in watching sports, you can easily enjoy the super bowl on ESPN plus.

Hulu vs. sling TV: Advantages and Disadvantages

Hulu TV

Hulu live TV ranks two in the list of the best live streaming services of 2022. This internet streaming service combines on-demand streaming, live telecast, and many other features to come up with a well-rounded subscription to impress any cord cutter. Here are some significant advantages of the Hulu live streaming service


  • It offers an extensive and excellent selective of TV series
  • A large line-up of live TV channels
  • Impressive DVR option
  • Compatible with almost all media streaming devices
  • Strong coverage of local channels and sports programming


  • Basic on-demand plans include ads
  • The offline downloading feature is not available for the basic account
  • It contains high-quality originals

Sling TV

Sling TV saved the number 3rd spot on the list of best live TV streaming services of 2022. It provides a flexible approach to live stream. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for those who want to select content types and features they want to pay for.


  • It offers flexible subscription options
  • Free tier
  • Excellent selection of channels
  • Outstanding streaming performance
  • Good coverage of sports-specific channels


  • Its charges are increasing gradually
  • Limited offering of local channels
  • Difficult to understand the distribution of channels

Which is the better choice?

In weighing Hulu vs. string TV, both streaming services contain their own benefits and features that cannot be ignored. However, the answer to this question totally depends on the user's requirements. It is possible that a streaming service with limited channels may offer the show that you want to watch, and the other service with an extensive list lacks.

However, considering the comparison of sling TV vs. Hulu live, it is visible that Hulu is the better option. It has overtaken sling TV with its superior channel line-up, on-demand library, and technical capabilities. However, sling TV has won the race in terms of price and channel add-ons, but the charges of extra add-ups quickly fade the sling's low-cost advantage.

How to watch Hulu videos offline?

Indeed, Hulu live TV streaming service comes with DVR. It allows you to save and download your favorite TV shows and movies to watch in your free time, but Keep in mind that it offers only 50 hours of space. You have to pay additional charges to upgrade it to 200 hours. Did you notice that it is still limited? Movies and TV shows consume a lot of space. Therefore, the allotted space will increase after saving some shows.

Well, you do not need to worry. We have found a reliable solution for you. You can download or save unlimited shows with a video streaming downloader. Therefore, it allows you unlimited space. Therefore you can save as many shows as you want without worrying about the storage.

Vidus Video Downloader downloads the shows with high-speed, saving time from your busy life. You can enjoy downloaded shows with high-quality audio and video. Moreover, this is an affordable video downloader that allows you to choose the dubbing audio tracks and subtitles of the video you are willing to download. With free-tier, you can test if this software is for you to go to things or not. However, it is impossible to ignore it with its unique features and affordable prices.

Final words

When comparing Hulu vs. Sling TV and cutting the cable cord, it is natural to wonder which streaming service is best. Well, it depends on your requirements. If you live to watch local shows, Hulu +live TV must be your choice. On the other hand, if you like to save a few bucks and enjoy limited TV shows, Sling TV would be your go-to product. Both services offer incredible features, so it is up to you to read and evaluate which service suits you best.

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