How to Change Language on Amazon? Complete Guide 2022

Finn 2022-08-31

You will need to learn how to change the language on Amazon if English is not your first language. You can easily achieve the purpose through the web or app to get Amazon running in your national language. How to app iPhone, or how to change your language on Amazon through desktop is all you need to get your Amazon at your fingertips.

Amazon Prime is home to all the famous and award-winning shows throughout the world. But the problem of language discrimination makes it troublesome for some people. This article guides you on how to change language on Amazon Prime to get rid of this only hurdle.

How to Change Language on Amazon on Desktop?

How to change your language on Amazon is made easy through a few steps given below. It is only a piece of cake for those using the Amazon Prime website on their desktops.

  • Open your browser on your desktop and type for Amazon Prime’s website. Log in to your account if you have not done it already.
  • You can also type in your browser to log in to your account.
  • The globe sign on the top left corner on the next page shows the default language. It is mostly English in the US.
  • Select the “language” option from your “accounts and settings” page.

  • A drop-down menu will pop up. Navigate down through this menu to search for your preferred language and click on it. Select the “save” option at the end of the menu.

  • You can now enjoy all the Amazon Prime privileges in your native language.

These steps will hopefully answer your question of “how to change the language on my Amazon account”.

How to change the Language on Amazon on App?

You can also change your language on the Amazon app just as easily as you do on the website. This guide will answer all the queries, including how to change language on Amazon app iPhone.

  • Open your Amazon Prime App on your phone.
  • Select the icon of “my stuff” from the home page. It is situated in the down-left corner.
  • Now select the settings icon from the next window that appears. This icon is situated just in front of your profile’s name.
  • Now you will see a down-down menu. Move down to look for the “languages” option. Once found, select it.
  • A new tab will appear, showing all the languages available for Amazon Prime. Choose your preferred language and tap "yes" to confirm.
  • Your app will take a moment to refresh, and after that, all your videos and other tasks will show in your preferred language.

These handful of steps are everything you need to follow to learn how to change language on Amazon app from your phone.

How to Change Language on Amazon Prime Video While Watching?

Let’s now move to another dilemma after solving the query of how to change language on Amazon Prime through the web or app. Did you ask “how to change the language on my Amazon account during watching?” here’s what you can do:

  • Play any show from Amazon’s list if you are not watching anything previously.
  • Select the "subtitles and audio" icon from the top bar close to the "settings" icon.

  • The menu will show a list of languages available for the show. Select the language of your choice.

  • The video will start playing in the newly-selected language. Remember that this action will only play the preferred language on the video.

How to change language on Amazon is easy whether you do it on a desktop or app, even if you are watching simultaneously. In just a few steps, your Amazon characters will speak in whatever language you want them to!

How to Change Amazon Prime to English or Another Language?

The default language on Amazon Prime depends upon your location. Your account will automatically read your location and brings up the related language. But you can still avail the option of a language change if you are not enjoying this entitlement. You can also change it back to English by following all the same steps.

  • Log in to your Amazon account from your browser by typing in
  • Select "accounts and settings" and move your cursor to "languages." Click on it to select.
  • Select English from the list. Move to the bottom of the page and select "save."
  • All your Amazon commands will start appearing in English. Every notification you receive will be in English or whatever language you choose.

How to Download Amazon Videos Without Subtitles and Audio Tracks in Different Languages?

Knowing the tricks and hacks of how to change language on Amazon is not enough for Amazon users. Another important riddle includes downloading Amazon Prime Videos on your computer.

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How Much Does Amazon Prime Cost?

Amazon Prime may not be the cheapest, but it does not burden your pocket. It costs almost $14.00/month or $139/year.

Is Amazon Prime Available Everywhere?

You can stream Amazon Prime in more than 200 countries. It is restricted to China, North Korea, Syria, and Iran.

On What Devices Can I Use My Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is compatible with many devices in use today. The list includes Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV, Apple devices, PlayStation, Xbox, Samsung smart TV, and many more.

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