A Full Guide on How to Cancel Hulu Subscription [2022]

Finn 2022-07-15

Hulu gives an excellent alternative for testing this program according to your needs. If you join a 30-day trial, you can assess whether Hulu is worth it. If you've exhausted the material on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, or other platforms, Hulu is a terrific alternative. You may expand your Hulu subscription with add-ons such as HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, and Starz. You may add them to any Hulu account, including the ad-supported and Live TV options.

If you are tired of Hulu's collection or want to go on a trip where you don't want your binge streaming habit to spoil your adventures, you must cancel your Hulu account. You might as well be looking for strategies and approaches to cancel Hulu.

Suppose you ask us how to cancel my Hulu subscription, then this is the right spot. Because in this article, we will walk you through all the steps and different devices through which you can cancel Hulu.

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How to Cancel a Hulu Subscription in Easy Ways?

For a variety of reasons, people choose to cancel their Hulu subscription. Either they can no longer afford to subscribe to the streaming service or are bored with what the service offers. After all, everyone's interests differ, and if a service doesn't satisfy your expectations, there's no reason to keep paying for it.

How to Cancel Hulu on the Internet?

You can cancel your Hulu subscription online. Canceling Hulu membership via the website is the simplest option. All you need is a device that can visit the official website.

  1. Visit Hulu website

Go to Hulu.com in your browser.

  1. Tap Login

Select Log In from the top-right corner of your screen.

  1. Enter your Details

Enter your account details to log in to your account. After that, pick your name from the upper right corner.

  1. Choose Your Account

The page will navigate you to the options, and then you can select Account.

  1. Select Cancel

Scroll down and click Cancel from the Cancel Your Subscription section. And continue to Cancel on the following page.

Hulu does not want its customers to abandon the service. As a result, they do their best and make you some additional offers. But if you are convinced about canceling a Hulu subscription, you should tap No Cancel Subscription. By following this, you'll learn how you cancel your Hulu subscription.

How to Cancel Hulu on iOS?

Do you have an iOS device? You won't be able to cancel your Hulu subscription if you have a Hulu app on your iPhone or iPad. Instead, you'll need to run your desktop or mobile browser, then proceed with the procedures outlined above. You can remove it from your iPhone subscription as well. Here are the steps you should take:

  1. Tap The Settings Icon on Your iPhone

On your iPhone, launch the Settings app.

  1. Select your Apple ID

Now, from the top of the screen, select your Apple ID.

  1. Click Hulu from the Subscriptions Page

After that, click "Subscriptions.” Select the Hulu subscription from this page.

  1. Select the Option of Cancel your Subscription

Select the Cancel Your Subscription option. The answer to how to Cancel the Hulu Free Trial option will display if you were using a free trial.

  1. Confirm and Proceed

To complete the procedure, you must now confirm the cancellation.

You have successfully canceled your Hulu subscription. Even if you completed this, you would be able to access and use the account until the next paying date. You may also renew your membership at a future point by returning to the subscriptions site.

How to Cancel Hulu on Android?

To cancel Hulu and manage your membership, though, you may utilize the Android version of the Hulu app.

  1. Install your Hulu App

Launch the Hulu app.

  1. Select Account

Tap Account in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

  1. Enter your Password

Now, hit Account and enter your password again if prompted.

  1. Tap your Cancel Option

A Cancel button will appear next to your Cancel Your Subscription option; you must select it to proceed with the cancellation of your Hulu account.

Canceling a Hulu subscription on this version of the app is simple, so you won't have to go through many complicated steps.

How to Cancel Hulu on iTunes?

You can also cancel your Hulu subscription using iTunes, mainly if you first subscribed to the program through iTunes. You can use any debit or credit card linked to iTunes to renew your membership. Here's how to cancel using iTunes:

  1. Open iTunes

First, you’ll Load the iTunes app.

  1. Tap the Account

Select the Account option. And tap View My Account from the menu.

  1. Fill in your Details

If prompted, enter your Apple ID to access your account.

  1. Scroll down to your Settings

Scroll down to the Settings area. Then, next to Subscriptions, touch the Manage button.

  1. Cancel your Membership

Select Edit next to Hulu. This will bring you to a website where you may cancel your Hulu membership.

How To Download Hulu Videos Before Canceling Your Subscription?

You may now easily download your Hulu videos before canceling your Hulu subscription. You can now watch films in offline mode from Hulu in HD quality without any ads or restrictions with Vidus Streaming Downloader.

You may save films in 720p, 1080p, 4k, and even 8k resolution with cutting-edge technology. With Vidus Streaming Downloader, you can now download movies and music from all platforms, such as Hulu, Netflix, HBO, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, and YouTube. You may choose the dubbing audio and subtitles of the video you wish to download before downloading.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Using Vidus Streaming Downloader to Download Hulu Videos

You may have the classiest time with your family at any moment if you follow the guidelines to download the Hulu videos offline.

Step 1: When you run the Vidus Streaming Downloader on Mac/Windows, an option for "VIP Services" displays, which you must choose, then look for Hulu in the range of choices and select it.

Step 2: After selecting Hulu, browse for the program you want to watch with your family.

Step 3: You may choose the audio track and subtitles from the menu in the center of the pop-up window when you stream it. Afterward, click the Download Now option and browse the various alternatives for downloading the file.

Step 4: If you want to read subtitles and watch movies on Hulu, this is your solution. This will provide access to information about Hulu shows presently available for streaming.

Vidus enables you to download and archive your favorite programs on your computers, making them available whenever you need them.

If you have a Chromecast at home, you may easily add Hulu to your Chromecast and stream your favorite movies peacefully.

Final Thoughts

You may now cancel Hulu by following the instructions in this article, downloading Hulu videos, and watching them even if your internet connection fails. Vidus Streaming Downloader is the best software where you can enjoy the benefits of this deal.


Is it possible to cancel Hulu immediately?

Finally, if you cancel the Hulu free trial (like we did), it will instantly revoke your account. If you cancel your Hulu subscription, you will be able to use the service until the end of your payment cycle (that is, until the next month's charge is paid).

Is Hulu's payment automatic?

Unless you cancel your Hulu account beforehand, your yearly membership will automatically renew one year from your initial billing date.

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