How to Get Discovery+ Student Discount?

Finn 2022-12-18

We all know that students are already under a lot of financial stress, given that many are responsible for their living expenses and tuition fees. However, all students also love to binge-watch some quality shows.

Discovery Plus understands this and hence offers all students a discovery plus student discount. The discount is availed by many students and is one reason why Discovery Plus is so popular among the younger population.

If you are a student searching to get Discovery plus student discount and all aspects related to Discovery plus student discounts, then you have landed in the right place. Hop on below to find everything related to the student discount discovery plus.

Does Discovery Plus Have a Student Discount?

The main reason you ended up on this article might be because you are searching to know whether or not does Discovery Plus have a student discount. The answer to your question is that yes Discovery plus student discount does exist.

Discovery plus offers a discovery plus student discount on the monthly subscription fee for all University and college students. Students are offered a 40 percent leniency in the total subscription fee compared to regular users.

However, the student discount discovery plus is currently available for only ad-based subscriptions, and no discovery plus student discount ad-free is available.

If any student wants to avail of the ad-free subscription, they will have to subscribe to the full $7 ad-free subscription and will not be offered any student discount.

How Much Does Discovery Plus Student Discount Cost?

The Discovery plus student discount is available on only the ad-based subscription and offers 40 percent off the regular subscription fee. Users obtaining the student discount discovery plus will have to pay $2.99/month.

Those who subscribe to the regular ad-based subscription without any discount will be charged $4.99, and the ad-free version on a regular subscription will cost users $6.99.

How to Get Discovery plus Student Discount?

People often wonder about how to get discovery plus student discount. Getting a discovery plus student discount is not a challenging task. Considering the student discount discovery plus is only eligible for students, you need to prove your eligibility to attain the student discount. To prove your eligibility and attain the discount, you have to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Search the Discovery plus official website.
  • Select the free trial option. This option will allow students and non-students free use of the service for up to seven days. Hence, you will not have to pay for the service and will be able to understand its dynamics before you commit fully.
  • To proceed with the process, the name, surname, email, and place of education/institution will be required to fill in.
  • Then you will have to press the verify button to verify your student status.
  • The students will now receive an email with their Discovery plus student discount code.
  • You must now redeem the Discovery plus student discount code at
  • Once finished, the Discovery plus student discount will be activated on your account.

Where Do I Get Discovery Plus Student Discount Code?

To avail a student discount code, you must follow the steps mentioned above. However, remember that the student discount code discovery plus is accessible only on an ad-based subscription.

No student code discovery plus ad-free subscriptions are available as of yet.

Why is Discovery Plus Student Discount not working?

There might be times when your student discount might act up and leave you wondering why Discovery Plus Student Discount is not working.

Well, there can be several reasons for this. The most common ones are:

  • Your internet connection might not be stable.
  • You might be entering the wrong student discount code.
  • Your student eligibility proof might not be valid.
  • An update might be pending if you are using the service on your mobile or streaming device.

These are just a few reasons which decipher as to why your student discount is not working. If all these measures are operating correctly, you can always call the helpline and let them know your issue.

Can I Download and Watch Discovery Plus Videos Offline?

Another significant question apart from the student discount discovery plus that people ask is whether or not one can download and watch Discovery plus videos offline.

While Discovery plus doesn’t directly offer users the means to download content and watch it offline, several exceptional services do so.

One such website and a top name in the world of streaming downloaders is Vidus.

The Vidus Streaming Downloader is an exceptional top-quality downloader that helps users download content directly from Discovery plus. This isn’t all; the service operates well on many other streaming platforms too.

Hence, with Vidus, users can download video content of top quality and high speed with ease. All this with the ability to batch download from 200+ streaming sites and the ease of subtitles, all at the price it comes at.

What is not to love, right?

Hence, if you are planning on quitting their Discovery plus subscriptions but still want to save some of your favorite shows, Vidus is your best bet.


Discovery Plus is a great streaming platform, and the discounts it offers to students are what sets it apart. If you were in search of all information related to the student discount of Discovery Plus, we hope this article was sufficient enough for you.

If you want to avoid subscribing for the long term, you can always download your favorite shows in top quality with the help of Vidus Streaming Platform.

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Is Discovery Plus hard to cancel?

No, canceling Discovery plus membership isn’t a challenging task. All you have to do is log in to your account and look for payments and subscriptions.

Then tap on subscriptions, choose Discovery plus, and press cancel.

How is Discovery Plus free for 12 months?

The VIP+ discovery free pass for 12 months from Sky offers users a free entertainment-only pass. The sports section is not available on it.

What is the cheapest subscription cost for Discovery plus?

The student discount is available for $2.99/month. However, the cheapest standard subscription is $4.99/month.

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