Top 10 Best Screen Recorder Review 2020

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A screen recorder is an invaluable tool used across multiple fields such as business, education, gaming, etc. It will not only serve unique functions for you but also record screen instantly and easily. A screen recorder will basically save or record everything that is happening on your digital screen and store it in your system as a local video file. Obviously, after a record screen session, you can edit the video as per your needs. You will often find people who know how to record screen upload their own tutorial videos and sell them online. A screen recorder is also a vital tool for making gaming and other YouTube videos. In this screen recorder review, we will overview and analyze screen recorder tools that are the best for you while providing tips on how to record your screen using these screen recorder tools.

This list will include many types of screen recorder apps such as online screen recorder, free screen recorder, etc.


Part 1: Top 5 Screen Recorder Windows 2020


1. Bandicam

Price: Bandicam is priced at $39.95 for a lifetime license for a single computer system if you want all the features and no watermarks. You can get it for free if you only want to record screen for up to 10 minutes and don’t mind watermarks.

Compatibility: Bandicam is a Windows screen recorder, so you can use it on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and SP3 XP. It will work for both 16-bit and 32-bit systems.

Bandicam is easily one of the most popular and best screen recorder in the market currently, as it offers an endless supply of screen recorder features like capturing footage in 144 frames per second at 4k resolution quality, recording various types of videos such as YouTube and media players, and simultaneously compressing your videos as you record them without compromising quality.


You can record for more than 24 hours non-stop, which is essential for education based users and streamers.

Bandicam will also display frames per second in games.

Users can customize their record screen options by setting recording time, maximum file size, and stopping the recording at the press of a button. The button itself can be set by the user.

Not to mention that it will also record your webcam footage.














The only issue that Bandicam has is its UI but that still doesn’t throw off all the pros this screen recorder  provides. This is one of the best screen recorder apps for sure.


2. Camtasia

Price: Camtasia can cost $200 upwards depending on the type of organization, with installations on two machines per license for any organization type. It offers different packages for businesses, individuals, government or non-profit organizations, and education. You could try this screen recorder with a 30 days free trial as well.

Compatibility: Camtasia will run on Windows and Mac.

Camtasia is a screen recorder software that can record screen for you with enough quality and keep you interested with its editing tools. A free trial might be a perfect option for those who are just learning how to record screen and create something entertaining.


Similar to Bandicam, Camtasia also enables users to select a section of a screen to record, ignoring the rest.

If you are looking to make montages, Camtasia’s screen recorder offers aesthetic editing tools like adding borders around your video, editing shadows, or even getting rid of colors.

Alongside video, Camtasia can play around with audio like fading tracks in or out.

One of the selling points of Camtasia is its consistent tech support and add-ons. Also the fact that it can act as an all-rounder for your record screen and video editing needs. However, you will need to keep in mind its system requirements and price. Though overall, Camtasia is also one of the best screen recorder tools.


3. IceCream Screen Recorder

Price: The lifetime one-time pay license will cost $29.95.

Compatibility: The IceCream Screen Recorder has a higher compatibility than other screen recorder software. It is a Windows screen recorder as well as a Mac and Android screen recorder. When it comes to Windows, it is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and Windows Vista.

IceCream Screen Recorder is an efficient tool which can save the record screen so that you can share them instantly to social media or anywhere else. You can easily learn how to record your screen with this app since it is designed for beginners.


It has two main buttons, one for screenshots and the other for the record screen.

After recording a video, you will have the possibility of changing the format of the recorded video.

With its social media integrations and quick record screen tools, IceCream Screen Recorder is a go-to for many.

However, its paid version is the screen recorder version that contains most of the good stuff, which can discourage those who just want to try out this screen recorder first before buying.


4. Screencast O Matic

Price: Start from $1.65/mo up to $17.50/mo (for 10 computers) depending on the type of package.

Compatibility: This screen recorder app will work for Windows, Mac, and Chromebook. Furthermore, they recently launched this app for Android and iOS as well.

Screencast O Matic offers deals for solo workers and teams with multiple systems. If you are a team with over 500 systems, you can directly contact them for negotiations. If you want to try a free version first, you can opt for a free website edition of their app.


With Screencast, you can select the quality of your recording, determine hotkeys, and choose to record the screen and the webcam together.

The paid versions open up additional editing options too. Although, the free version will allow you to edit certain parts of the recording and add music to it. This should suffice for basic video needs.

One of the best screen recorder tools that Screencast provides is through its Script Tool.

The Script Tool is basically programming your recording. Once you select this option, you can systematically divide your video into sections and write into each section.

What you write is simply instructions for the app. Now that you have divided your video into sections, you can add voice narrations to each section. This tool is handy for creating tutorials.

If you just want a simple screen recorder software, Screencast is for you since it is easy to use and cheap. On the other hand, it cannot offer you many features to help in your creative projects.


5. Loom

Price: Loom has both free and paid versions. The paid versions are specifically geared towards business teams and enterprises. You can get the Basic edition without cost that lasts up to 25 videos. The Pro and Business editions cost $8/mo and $12/mo respectively, with features that cater to each category. However, you can still opt for a 14 days free trial for Pro and Business editions.

Compatibility: Loom is compatible with Windows, Chrome, Mac, and iOS.

Loom is business-friendly and hence a collaborative screen recorder technology. When it comes to the basics of a record screen, Loom is designed to be intuitive.


You can choose to record screen, webcam, or both with just a click.

There is a function for a built-in microphone too.

You can quickly share your work by copying the video to the clipboard.

As for working with a team, a centralized library of videos and admin options ensure that your team is working efficiently and safely.


Considering everything, Loom is a nice little software that provides more through its security and co-operative design. The only deterrent might be the fact that Loom is a bit of a niche software, focusing more on the business side of recording. It is still a popular choice as a free screen recorder tool.


Part 2: Top 5 Online Screen Recorders 2020



Price: Completely free and no need for registration

Compatibility: You can record screen online on Windows and Linux.

The ScreenApp.IO is an online technology that is meant for recording your screen on the go.


ScreenApp.IO enables trimming after recording, which should make your video editing process simpler.

You can download the recording whenever you are ready.

How to use:

1. You can record screen from their website, wherein you will see a red button that says “Get started”.

2. Once you click the button, a screen will appear showing a mock monitor and various audio options for your preference.

3. Now, select the Share your Screen option and choose whichever screen you want to record. In case you want to record a game, you will generally find your game under the Application Window tab.

4. It is noteworthy since the audio gets disrupted if the correct tab is not chosen.


Therefore, this online screen recorder is competent enough for a simple and fast screen recording session.


2. Apowersoft

Price: Apowersoft includes ApowerMirror, ApowerEdit, and ApowerREC. These three packages have free trials. You can also opt for Apowersoft Unlimited free trial or buy it for a year for $59.95. Apowersoft Unlimited contains all the features of Apowersoft in one.

Compatibility: It is available as an online screen recorder and for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS as of now.


Apowersoft screen recorder supports multiple video formats such as MP4, GIF, FLV, etc.

As for your screen, you can record screen as fullscreen or selected sections only. Webcam recording is an option too.

How to use:

1. The online screen recorder will require a small download. It is an extension that works with the website for online recording.

2. You will get the download prompt when you click on the Start Recording button on its webpage.

3. Now, customize as you see fit. After that, you can download the video or upload it to various sites.


The ease of use that Apowersoft gives is enough reason to use its screen recorder.


3. Screenrecorderapp

Price: Completely free and no need for registration. You also won’t need to download anything before recording.

Compatibility: Online


Similar to other online screen recorder apps, you can record screen in multiple ways.

The website has simple navigation and is designed to work fast.

If you want to record an application running on your system, look under the Application Window tab.

If you want to show all activities on the monitor, select the Your Entire Screen option. It is pretty straightforward that way.

How to use:

1. When you click on the Select Screen button, it will open up a window wherein you can choose your recording screen.

2. It works identical to ScreenApp.IO and other similar apps.


4. Clip Champ

Price: Unlimited video exports are possible at 480p quality for a Basic account, which is free but contains watermarks. For better features, you might want to look for Creator, Business, Business Platinum, etc accounts starting from $9/mo.

Compatibility: Online screen recorder for all desktops


It offers recording of up to 1080p resolution, audio editing, split-screen recordings, and more of an all-round experience.

Clip Champ also offers an extensive guide blog should you get stuck somewhere.

How to use:

1. Once you create an account, the site will ask for a few user preferences. Click on the options that suit you.

2. You will then be taken to the main recording screen where you can select the option of Record Screen.

3. Grant necessary permissions and start recording.


Clip Champ is a jack of all trades online screen recorder especially for creators since it hosts a bunch of aesthetic editing tools along with recording.


5. Vidyard Online Screen Recorder

Price: Free but an account needed. Paid options are available starting from $15/mo.

Compatibility: Online extension for Chrome and Edge


Vidyard lets you record screen as well as connect you with your business with its Gmail, LinkedIn, and other integrations.

It is a rather business-centric service, which can be a perfect option for someone wanting to conduct business and learning how to record screen professionally.


How to use:

1. Download the extension from their dedicated link.

2. Create the account after which it will ask for preferences like Clip Champ does.

3. You can now record screen and webcam as well through the extension icon on the top right corner of your screen.



 With this list from Vidusoft, you can get started on your creative projects without worrying about anything. From a Windows 10 screen recorder to free and online screen recorder, this screen recorder review mentions all the optimal tools for all of your needs. Besides, if you want to downlaod videos, please click Vidus YouTube Downloader.





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