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The national football league is one of America's professional football leagues with a large number of spectators. If you are also an NFL fan, you need to activate the NFL channel from the official website, The activation process essentially requires a unique code available on your device.

Sometimes, it becomes a puzzle how to activate the account in order to enjoy the favorite game without missing any chunk. Therefore, this article will help you comprehend the steps in order to activate the NFL game pass. Let's begin by understanding what the NFL is and how it works.

What Is The NFL?

The NFL stands for National football league. It is one of the top professional football teams in America. According to the attendees and ratings on television, the NFL has won the title of the most-watched and appreciated sports league in the United States of America. Thirty-two teams are playing in the NFL currently, split into two conferences, the AFC and the NFC. Moreover, within every conference, there are four divisions of four teams.

Every team plays seventeen matches and has one week off, known as a bye week. After crossing every hurdle with solid competition, the final two teams come in front of each other in the super bowl. It is thrilling series of matches that you would definitely not want to miss. So get Vidus Streaming Downloader to enjoy every game even in such busy lives.

How to Create An NFL Account?

Creating an NFL account is not a difficult task as it seems. You need to visit an account and follow these steps to watch your favorite game at any time.

  • First of all, navigate
  • The option of login will appear on the web page. Click on it
  • The option of username or email and password will appear
  • Enter your authentic email ID
  • Set a password
  • Now you need to verify your information
  • Choose the country you are living in or wish to visit from the drop-down list. (you cannot write yourself.)
  • Choose the state and add the correct ZIP code of your area
  • Mention the date of your arrival etc.
  • Now you need to select the team. (It is mandatory.)
  • There will be a box containing a privacy policy. Select it to give confirmation
  • Click on “Create Account” option; the account is created.

How to Subscribe to NFL Membership?

For watching your favorite game, it is mandatory to get a membership. You can sign up for an NFL games membership at Moreover, you can also navigate through the NFL app on your mobile device, Apple TV, smart TV, or any other connected device. You have to log in to the NFL account or create a new one and then get the membership to the NFL.

With the membership of the NFL, users will be able to download videos offline by connecting to Vidus Video Downloader. It is a streaming video downloader that permits you to watch your favorite game anytime with high-quality results.

How to Activate An NFL Account via

To ensure that you successfully enjoy distortion-free your favorite professional football games, you need to complete the steps of downloading and activating. We have explained some simple steps to activate an NFL account using the link.

  • Visit the official website,
  • On the webpage, click the option of Sign in
  • Then the Join option will appear; click it
  • Enter your exact email address and create a strong password.
  • Select the country, state and add the ZIP code
  • Select your favorite team
  • In the end, click “Create account.”

How to Activate NFL Network on Your Devices?

How long can you watch the thrilling game on your mobile phone? Ultimately, you will desire to enjoy the action of the ball on the big screen. Therefore, to make the process easy, we have mentioned the process of activation on different devices. But first, you require to download the app on the streaming device.

  • Turn the device O on which you want to stream
  • Visit the NFL channel store
  • Click the search bar and search the NFL app. Then enter the code
  • The app will be displayed on your screen. Click the 'Download' button to start downloading
  • Once the app has been downloaded, install the app
  • Now open the link and enter the game activation code.
  • You will get the activation code through mobile phone and email.

Roku TV

You need to go after these simple steps to enjoy the NFL network on Roku TV.

  • If you have completed the instruction or steps mentioned above to download the application, you are all set to start streaming.
  • Tap the NFL app; the activation code will appear on your screen.
  • Note down the number and navigate the button
  • Input the key code and click the "Continue" button.
  • It is not necessary, but if asked, add your TV provider's details and sign in.
  • The approval will appear on the screen. Go back to the device and start streaming.

Fire TV/Firestick

If you have gotten the subscription to the NFL game pass, you need to follow these steps to stream on Firestick.

  • The step of downloading the app on the streamer is similar. After installing the application, run the application.
  • Choose “Activate the NFL game pass.”
  • If you are required to sign in, provide your credentials and then follow the instructions that appear on the screen to enable streaming.


  • Download the NFL application and run it
  • Visit the official website, and the code of activation will appear.
  • Click keep on to input the code of activation.
  • Select Xfinity as a television provider and login into your Xfinity account
  • Now launch the Xfinity stream application and sign your account to start streaming.

Apple TV

  • Connect the Apple TV and join the NFL game pass account to download the application
  • After downloading the app, start the app and buy an NFL game pass or membership.
  • To get the activation code, visit your device setting and tap for sign in
  • Note down the code and visit the official website to enter the correct field.
  • You are all set to enjoy streaming on Apple TV.


Sony's PS4 allows you to stream NFL service. You need to download the application and log in to the account.

  • Choose your PlayStation 4's TV and video option.
  • Download the application via PlayStation story and complete the installation
  • Pen the app and choose the TV provider to ensure that you receive the activation number
  • After receiving the code, navigate to within your web browser.
  • Now type the code and select to continue

Xbox one

  • Install the NFL app for Xbox
  • Go on the menu and search option to activate the channel
  • Open it and choose the TV provider from the drop-down menu.
  • Get the activation code and visit the link
  • Type the activation in the given field and start streaming

The activation process is similar to almost all devices, but the question is if you can save the videos or not. You cannot save videos directly, but with Vidus Video Downloader, you can save every game you do not want to miss. It will provide high-quality video anytime you want.


The love for the national football league has compelled people to enjoy streaming on big screens. In order to stream seamlessly, you need to follow the proper steps after creating and activating the NFL account from After activation, you can access the channels and watch everything you are in the mood for without inconvenience.


Is it compulsory to sign up for a subscription to NFL streaming?

Yes, you require a subscription. If you do not have a membership, unfortunately, you will not be able to stream NFL games.

Why is it impossible to stream NFL with inactive accounts?

Due to their ownership, they have made it mandatory for every person to create an account for streaming. So, you need an account for enjoying the carnival of football.

Can I give payment in installments?

As the NFL has made the strict rule of creating an account, it has given relief by facilitating the fans to make payments in installments. You can give payment in four equal installments.

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