How to Watch Paramount Plus on PS4? [Latest 2022]

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Life gets more fun when you know how to watch Paramount Plus on PS4 consoles. A few steps about Paramount Plus/PS4 are enough to pave your way toward an unlimited world of entertainment.

You can face minor Paramount Plus PS4 issues during your streaming, but this article will help you eliminate them easily. You will be all set for streaming on your console after you learn the prime step of Paramount Plus PS4 sign in.

This guide will teach you all the technical steps of watching Paramount Plus on PS4, so keep reading!

What is Paramount Plus?

Activate Paramount Plus on Sony PlayStation (PS4 and PS5)

Paramount Plus is one of the most well-known streaming services, and it was made possible by Paramount streaming. The CBS Entertainment Group and Paramount Media Networks both share some content of this Paramount streaming.

In 2022, this Paramount Plus streaming service is believed to have 32.8 million users. You can get all the premium video content, including the best live and on-demand streaming of TV shows, series, and movies, with Paramount Plus.

Paramount Plus offers the privilege to watch all the binge-worthy shows on any device you desire. A Paramount Plus/PS4 sign in will let you enjoy this service even on your PS4 consoles.

How Can I Watch Paramount Plus on PS4?

Paramount Plus is easily accessible on PS4 through Paramount Plus/PS4 sign in. All you need is an account on Paramount+ with an active subscription.

Paramount Plus PS4 sign in is the crucial step in running this service on your consoles. A guide to two ways of watching Paramount+ will solve all of your Paramount Plus PS4 issues. These two methods include:

  1. Install Paramount Plus/PS4 on your device.
  2. Stream Paramount Plus/PS4 using the PS remote.

Method 1: Download and Install Paramount Plus/PS4:

The traditional way to watch Paramount Plus/PS4 is to download and install the Paramount+ application on your device. You should learn the following steps to watch Paramount Plus on PS4.

  1. As an initial step, meet your PS4 console with your Smart TV through its HDMI port. Once connected, attach your PS4 and your TV to a stable internet connection.
  2. Now, access to PS4 dashboard and move to its main menu screen and choose PlayStation from there.

  1. When the PlayStation store opens in front of you, go to the "Apps" section and then to "All Apps."
  2. Navigate to the search option and search for Paramount Plus/PS4 app.
  3. Once found, click on the download option and install it. Launch it on your PS4.
  4. Now fill in all the essential details for logging into your Paramount+ account. Once all is done, you are free to enjoy all Paramount+ content on your PS4 console.

A series of identical steps will help you to get Paramount Plus on PS5.

Method 2: Use PS Remote Display to Stream Paramount Plus/PS4:

Paramount Plus PS4 issues can pop up anytime on your console. You can adapt different ways to watch Paramount Plus on PS4 using your remote console display. Here's a guide to steps that you need to follow in this regard:

  • First, you need to pair your PS4 with your Smart TV and connect them with a strong internet connection. Now move to settings of your PS4 > Remote play connection settings and enable “remote play” from there.

  • Now go to settings > Account Management > and select PS4 to activate it, navigate to the “power save settings” and set your PS4 on rest mode.

  • Set your feature to “available in rest mode” and tick all the checkboxes selecting the option of "stay connected to the internet. Also, enable the "turning on PS4 from network" option.

  • Now take your phone and connect it to the same internet source as your PS4. Look for the "PS Remote Play" app and "Paramount Plus" from your default app store and install them.
  • When you launch the PS remote play app, sign in with all your PS4 details.
  • Connecting your phone to your PS4 will display your phone’s detail on your PS4 screen. You can navigate Paramount+ videos from your phone and play them on your PS4 easily with this method.

These few steps are what you need to learn for Paramount Plus/PS4 compatibility. You will surely get rid of all your Paramount Plus PS4 issues if you follow all the essential steps carefully.

How to Sign Up for Paramount Plus/PS4?

You must create a Paramount+ account with a current subscription in order to watch Paramount content on your PS4. Either the Paramount+ app for PS4 or a web browser can be used to create a Paramount+ account. Follow these steps to accomplish this:

  1. Open the Paramount+ app, then select Sign Up. An access code will be displayed on the screen.
  2. Go to using the browser, and then enter the access code.
  3. Choose Continue after selecting the subscription plan you want.
  4. Choose Start Paramount+ after entering your Paramount+ account information.
  5. You can start streaming content from the Paramount+ app when your screen refreshes.

Signing up for your Paramount+ account is also a crucial step to watch Paramount Plus on Xfinity.

How to Download and Watch Paramount Plus offline?

Watching Paramount Plus offline is a privilege, and it is made easy with the help of the Vidus Streaming Downloader. This downloader comes with some of the best features that let you enjoy an out-of-the-world downloading experience.

Vidus Streaming Downloader
EnjoyParamount Plus Movies, TVs and Shows Offline with Vidus.
  • It lets you download from 200+ streaming services
  • Provides the option of batch download
  • Provides an ad-free downloading
  • You can transfer your downloads to other devices

How to Use Vidus Downloader?

  1. Download the latest Vidus streaming downloader on your device.
  2. Go to their Home Page and select VIP services.

  1. Select Paramount+ from here and search for your shows.

  1. Click download and enjoy them from downloading list.


How Many Users Can Use Paramount+ at the Same Time?

Only three users can stream simultaneously, irrespective of the devices.

Is There a Free Trail for Paramount+?

Paramount plus offers a three-day free trial. Your account will be charged automatically after that.

How Can I Contact Paramount+?

You can contact their support team through their official web page.

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