How to Change Language on Disney Plus?

Finn 2022-08-17

Although it's already fixed, Disney Plus subscribers once experienced a language glitch, where all the content on the platform where showing in Spanish. Well, such a glitch may occur again, and that's why you need to know how to change language on Disney Plus.

Asides from experiencing a language glitch, you may want to change the default language on your Disney Plus account, and there are pretty different ways to do that. Whether you’re streaming on phone, tablet, or PC, this article explains how to switch to any of the supported languages on Disney+ streaming.

Disney+ Streaming

Disney Plus (Disney+) is one of the most popular mainstream streaming services available in the US and a few other international regions. The service offers a vast library of blockbuster movies, Originals, exclusive shows, trendy episodes, and other types of digital content that interest online streamers.

You can watch Disney Plus on any of your devices: mobile smartphone (iOS or Android), computer, tablet, iPad, streaming device (Roku, Firestick, Xfinity, etc), smart TV, or gaming console (Xbox, PS4, and PS5). There are pretty many flexible features and settings available to Disney+ subscribers, which includes interface language change.

How to Change Language on Disney Plus?

There could be several reasons why one may want to change the interface language on their Disney+ account. Changing the language is not a big deal, and you can do it on any of your devices, where you're currently streaming Disney+.

Follow the steps below and learn how to change language on Disney Plus:

1. From Profile Settings

  • Launch the Disney+ app on your device, or you can sign in from a web browser
  • Click/tap on the “Profile” icon to launch the profile settings page
  • Select “Edit Profiles
  • Choose the profile you want to change its account
  • Now, select App Language
  • You’d see the list of all supported languages, tap/click on the new language you want to switch to.

Note: This method would change the app language, which means every part of the app would be interpreted with the new language. If you were actually looking to watch a particular movie in another language, follow the second method below.

2. Change the Audio of a Playing Movie

You're seeing a movie on Disney+, and then you need to change the audio language? The steps below are the procedure for changing the audio language on Disney Plus.

  • Launch the Disney+ app on your device, or visit the Disney+ website and sign in.
  • Open the movie or TV show you want to watch in another language.
  • Click/tap the “Audio and Subtitles” settings button. (It is the speech bubble icon placed at the top-right corner).
  • When the audio settings appear, select the language you want to hear.
  • After the selection, close the box and your movie will stream in the new language.

3. On Apple TV, Roku, and Other Streaming Devices

If you're streaming on a device that's not a mobile phone or PC, the procedure is yet the same - open the Disney+ app, go to the audio settings, or profile settings, and select the language you want.

What Language Options are Available on Disney Plus?

There are a total of 14 languages supported on the Disney+ streaming platform; the languages are: English (US and UK), German, Dansk, Spanish & Spanish (Latinoamerica), Francais & Francais (Canadien), Norwegian, Italian, Portuguese (Brasil), Suomi (Finnish), and Svenska (Swedish).

How To Download Videos from Disney Plus?

To download movies and shows from Disney+ you need a streaming video downloader application. There are a good number of them out there, with good features and intuitive interfaces. With the downloader installed on your PC, you can download any movie or show from Disney Plus.

Best Disney Plus Downloader Software

The Vidus Streaming Downloader is a professional streaming video downloader that can grab videos from Disney+ and a wide range of other premium streaming services. It is developed for Windows OS and is compatible with all versions of the OS from V7.0.

With Vidus Streaming Downloader, you will save Disney+ movies in clear FHD (1080p) quality, and in MP4 format. The downloader lets you save subtitles separately or “remuxed” into the downloaded video. Below is a detailed guide on how to use this downloader.


  • Supports up to 4k resolution
  • Saves your downloads in MP4 format for playback on any device
  • Let you save subtitles separately or “remux” into videos
  • Removes ads from the videos
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Batch Mode for bulk downloads


Firstly, download and install the Vidus Downloader software on your Windows PC; launch the app and proceed with the steps below.

First Step:

Click on Streaming services on the left pane. Then select Disney+ from the available cards of supported premium streaming services. You’d be taken to another Window to log in to your Disney+ account.

Second Step:

Sign in to your Disney+ account and play the movie, show, or on-demand title you want to download. As the video is playing, a download icon would pop up at the top-right corner of the playing window. Click on the download button and choose your preferences.

Third Step:

The video would be added to your “Downloading” list, and you can download as many Disney+ movies as you wish. To view all ongoing downloads, click on the “Downloading” tab on the left pane.


How to change language on Disney Plus? Yes, you can change Disney+ language to any of the supported 14 languages. The steps are pretty easy and can be followed by anyone. If you need to download a show from Disney+, the best way to do that is to use Vidus Streaming Downloader. It stripes Disney+ movies of all limitations and ads so you can watch your favorite shows without limits.

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