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Long gone are the days when just a couple of real-time video players were accessible. Presently there are innumerable reach to watch, HDR and 4K capacities to fight over, and similarity with the other gadgets in your home to ponder. We have three excellent platforms Apple TV, Amazon Firestick, and Roku Tv. This article will talk about Amazon Fire Stick vs Apple TV, Apple TV vs Fire Stick, and Apple TV vs Roku vs Fire Stick.

Chromecast vs Roku vs Apple TV vs Fire Stick

Nowadays the streaming market is crowded with a Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra, higher-resolution Apple TV 4K, Apple TV streaming player, and a whole load of Roku streaming devices. And to top it up there is the all-new Amazon Fire TV that includes Fire TV Stick which is 4K-ready and Alexa-enabled Fire TV Cube.

Why choose a streaming device?

While searching for a new web-based video player, it's vital to observe one that is not difficult to arrange - particularly in the event that you're getting it for somebody who probably won't feel comfortable around technology as you do.

That being said, each of the four significant web-based video players is quite simple to access. For example, Chromecast and Roku expect you to interface the players to the web utilizing a code that shows up on your screen. At the same time, Apple and Amazon can associate with the web without expecting you to go to a site to enroll them first.

Things you need before getting a streaming device

Indeed, any TV you need to attach to one of these players will require an HDMI port (with the exception of the Roku Express, which can utilize standard composite RWY links). Likewise, you ought to have a moderately quick web association (more noteworthy than 15mbps) on the off chance that you anticipate web-based 4K recordings. This article highlights the salient features of the Apple TV vs Fire Tv stick. It will also enable you to choose what you are looking for.

How to choose?

Although the minute difference between Amazon Fire Stick vs Apple TV makes it difficult for you to make an intelligent choice, here are some features to help you further.

Confused as to which streaming gadget you must buy? We have listed below some dynamic features of each to help you understand your needs.

Features of different devices


The new Apple TV 4K brings much-needed additions like a new and practical remote, a point of interaction, Spatial Audio, and Dolby Atmos support. Video is fast and fresh, you'll gain access to each channel and administration out there, and there's, at last, a remote with a directional keypad that works without a hitch. Its only drawback is that it's excessively costly.


There's a great deal to adore about the new Fire TV Stick 4K. It's conveniently enjoyable to work with Amazon Alexa, and it won't place a dent in your wallet. Recordings play without a hitch, the sound is first-rate, and the experience is excellent. But, unfortunately, this generally amazing little unit plays promotions, needs Vudu support, and doesn't offer Wi-Fi 6 help.

Amazon Fire TV Stick is ideally suited for the Amazon Prime watcher in your life or early home adopter. Alexa, Amazon Fire TV's inherent AI, can assist with guiding you to huge loads of new shows at the best cost, yet will clearly control you towards Amazon titles and administrations more often than not. There are models for both HD and 4K.


Roku is our all-around and most loved web-based video player stage. It is essential for certain individuals' norms, yet it knows how to track down content from any significant real-time features and can get along with everything. In addition, it offers 4K and HDR streaming, and the equipment is future-proof. Choosing between Apple TV vs Roku vs Fire Stick often leaves you confused but to know the difference better, continue reading.


Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra are for the DIYers in your life. They are the most barebone of the bundle, neither one of the ones offering a remote or a connection point to talk about, yet that is essential for the usage. They permit anybody in the house to stream content from their cell phone, making it incredible for parties where everybody needs to share an interesting YouTube video. They're additionally darn cheap.

Now that you know about all the smart devices, let us tell you the difference between the most popular Amazon fire stick vs Apple Tv.

APPLE TV VS FIRE STICK: Which is a better streaming device?


Apple TV




$ 36

Voice control







Apple A12 Bionic

1.7GHz quad-core


Offers 15,000+ channels and apps.

Offers 12,000+ channels and apps.

HDMI port

Shows video up to 4K to an HD-proficient TV through an accessible HDMI port.

Shows video up to 4K to an HD-proficient TV through an accessible HDMI port.


Offers many applications where you can watch and play content. Apps are displayed in a clean grid interface.

Offers many applications where you can watch and play content. The user interface may seem cluttered but is easy to navigate.


  • Comes with voice search advanced slick remote.
  • Inbuilt best shows, movies, sports, and live events
  • Direct control enabled Siri remote.
  • The A12 bionic brings in high performance for your TV.
  • Comes with voice search advanced intuitive remote.
  • Watch Netflix, Amazon, or other streaming apps
  • Search the internet
  • Connect to online games
  • Youtube accessibility

Supported video formats

HDR10 Dolby vision

HDR10+ Dolby vision

Supported audio formats

Dolby 5.1, Dolby 7.1, Dolby Atmos, Spatial Audio

Dolby 5.1, Dolby 7.1, Dolby Atmos

Box availability

Apple TV

Siri Remote

Power Cord

Lightning to USB Cable.

Fire TV Stick 4K

Alexa Voice Remote (2nd Gen)

USB cable and power adapter

HDMI extender cable

2 AAA batteries.


- Apple ID enables you to access music, movies, and other media across Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

- Play games with the all-exclusive Apple Arcade service.

-Helps you access Amazon Music, Kindle books, and more.

-Play cloud-based games using Amazon Luna.

Now, that you have gone through a detailed comparison guide, we have provided an individual review of the both to help you understand their advantages and lags.

APPLE TV REVIEW: Is it worth buying?

Apple users are always satisfied with the credibility the brand offers. But Apple TV does come with some drawbacks, which are below stated by the users:

Apple has made a few changes with the product as well. For example, where the Apple TV 4K increases the value of clients is with the numerous goals if offered for the TV. For many individuals of 4K TVs yet attempting to get the substance right, this gadget gets it great.

Customer review: I tried the Apple TV 4K on another audit TV from Sony as I do not have a 4K TV as of now. Strangely, on the off chance that you have a TV that isn't giving you the ideal adjustment as far as shading, you can go to the settings and get this right with some assistance from the iPhone. On the Sony X90J, the Apple TV let me know this was not required.

FIRE STICK REVIEW: Is it a success?

Let's read what the fire stick user wants to share with you:

Boot time is delayed for this situation since it needs to boot up without fail; however, it isn't any slower than how long it takes Android TV-based gadgets, for example, the Mi TV Stick and Mi Box 4K to fire up. Assuming you have the Fire TV Stick associated with an electrical plug, you could securely leave it on constantly, in which case firing up is a ton faster since it just needs to emerge from reserve mode.

It generally has bug-free involvement in the gadget and has the option to rapidly and dependably stream the content up to full HD. You do, obviously, need a quick Internet association with the option to take advantage of the Fire TV Stick, and anything over 10Mbps should allow you to stream at full HD without a problem. For my situation, on account of my 50Mbps association, the Fire TV Stick (third Gen) had the option to knock up to a full-HD goal on Amazon Prime Video is only a couple of moments.

Why should you buy it?

In Apple TV 4K versus Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K fight, the central consideration comes down to cost and environment. If you are a crazy Apple fan, and use Fitness+ or stream movies on iTunes, or use the Apple TV as your HomePod, then you must go with Apple. It's expensive, without a doubt, yet in the event that you don't currently want an Apple TV, you won't doubt your choice. The 2021 Apple TV 4K is a home theatre framework that upholds each web-based feature, doesn't cause you to endure advertisements, and like all the other Apple, it simply works.

In the event that you're rationally for working frameworks and don't have a lot to spend, the Fire TV Stick 4K is a strong decoration at the cost. It's small, compact, and the most reasonable 4K streaming gadget out there today. However, there's a cost for that. Like most things that emerge from Amazon's distribution centre, you'll need to stomach a perpetual stream of undesirable promotions.

What should you buy: The Final Verdict?

Buying Apple TV over Fire Stick will give you a broader space to decide because you can use more applications of the TV, but once you are equipped to use Fire Stick, it will lead to more entertainment options. On the other hand, Amazon Fire TV Stick is an extraordinarily featured streaming device and is a perfect entertainment partner at affordable rates. At this price, firestick is a five-star product. There's simply nothing else out there that can touch it for that sort of money.

However, the major streaming services do not provide offline access to their episodes or movies, which irritates many of their consumers, particularly those who travel frequently. If you want to watch your favorite videos offline, you may have a look at Vidus Streaming Downloader, which allows you to download all seasons of your favorite series in high-quality resolution and with lightning-fast downloads.


At the end of the day, it's completely your decision to choose your source of entertainment. Little do we know that it depends on your pocket. But it gets easy to make a decision if you know what you really require.

Roku's interface is better, but it is incomparable when we choose apple tv vs Roku vs fire stick. Apple TV 4K is quite expensive but it is worth only if you spend nearly four times the time as compared to other streaming devices. However, if you have the bandwidth to expand your budget then Apple TV is worth it. It comes with a higher video quality and audio performance.

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